Events PR

An event is planned and executed to convey a message. From an International Conference to a local sporting event, effective public relations and communications are pivotal to an event.


To insure that the messages for an event are conveyed a Public Relations and Communications plan must be implemented. Effective communication and public relations are pivotal to an event. They play a continuous role in whether an event has been a failure or success. That is what is at stake every time a company or an organisation hosts an event to get customers engage with a brand.


With good public relations an exceptionally powerful weapon in every organisation’s event, our partners of international repute, Phambili African Events (, complement our communication and public relations expertise. Phambili are experts in Events Project Management, Conferencing and Exhibitions having been responsible for some of South Africa’s prestigious events.


Put simply, our events public relations engender strong, loyal, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with the customer base of the organisation or brand we represent.