About Rich Mkhondo / Lead & Coordinator

Rich is a communications practitioner of international repute with senior executive level experience in managing internal and external communications, and developing and implementing global reputation management strategies.

A journalism and media studies graduate, Rich is an experienced writer, author, editor, reputation management strategist and analyst and commentator on world and Southern African affairs.


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The Media and Writers Firm assists companies, executives and business leaders to provide lucid, precise and uncluttered messages in order to positively and effectively manage perceptions and eventually their reputation.

We develop communications and writing strategies to support our clients’ business objectives and turn ordinary stories into extraordinary news stories. We are a network of writers, editors, authors, broadcasters, public speakers and world-class corporate communicators with writing, editing and oral communication skills. We are familiar with all channels of communication, including radio, television, newspapers and magazines, and are therefore equipped to produce written copy or develop communications and writing strategies to support our clients’ business objectives.

Our objective is to enhance the power of your communication, boost your confidence, and to help unleash your potential to be a persuasive, engaging, powerful and effective, writer, speaker and communicator. We do this with a number of programmes, including; Content Development for media releases, company reports and websites; Speech Writing services; Company Profiling; Thought Leadership articles, Internal Communications, External Communications, Crisis Communication Planning and Management; Leadership Profiling; Stakeholder Planning, Mapping and Management, and Reputation Management.


How do we achieve
our objectives?


We work hard to understand our clients’ business, their culture, their products and the markets in
which they conduct their business.
We make it our duty to recognise the unique characters of our clients,
and to
work with them to ensure that their goals are realised. 

Because of our unique understanding of the inner workings of the media and corporate communications, we are able to combine an experiential
understanding together with our professional expertise. Our firm has alliances with various organisations and consultants who compliment our existing resources, expertise and knowledge to enable us to provide added value to our clients. 

The Media and Writers Firm aims to be South Africa’s premier media, communications and writers company. We create proactive and
positive messages
about your company in order to support its local and global positioning.

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