What we do...

The Media and Writers Firm assists companies, executives and business
leaders to provide lucid, precise and uncluttered messages in order to
positively and effectively
manage perceptions and eventually their reputation.

We Are...

We are a network of writers, editors, authors, broadcasters, public speakers and
world-class corporate communicators with writing, editing and oral communication skills.

News Stories

We develop communications and writing strategies to support our clients’ business objectives
and turn ordinary stories into extraordinary news stories.


to The Media and Writers Firm

All reputation management initiatives, whether written or spoken, require preparation, strategy and ultimately skill.

Businesses, leaders or individuals stand a better chance of succeeding in enhancing their reputation when they undertake well-developed and coordinated communication programmes in order to maintain good relationships with stakeholders and various audiences.




Content is king. What would a company or any organisation do without content? That is the written word. The spoken word. Well-written and articulated content can turn your website, online presence or printed newsletter into an exceptional communication platform.


Reach the right audiences with the right message, and put your case across clearly. We will write that important speech for you – whether it’s for a committee, a crowd or key stakeholders.


There is a damaging story about you, your company and chief executive officer. A journalist calls you, your boss and one of your colleagues.

Be prepared to welcome a chance to put your company’s message across.


Hidden beneath the surface of every company are great news stories. Every company has distinct knowledge, expertise and information that can be useful to journalists. However, it often takes a “trained eye” to discover, develop and market them to the media.


Every company or organisation, big or small needs to proactively manage its reputation to best ensure the sustainability of its profits.


If the unthinkable happens to your organisation – a natural disaster, a corporate takeover or a tragic workplace accident – are you ready to respond?

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